Insurance Information

We often find that people are confused about dental insurance, so we have provided the following dental insurance information for your benefit:

  • It is important to understand that dental insurance differs from medical insurance. While medical insurance is intended to cover a large part of the costs of your treatments, dental insurance plans are designed only to supplement a portion of the amount of your treatments. It is not meant to pay the bulk of your bill.
  • Unlike medical insurance, which allows you to see only doctors who are in network; you can visit any dentist, even if they are not in network with your dental insurance plan.
  • Dental insurance coverage is based on what your insurance company has determined to be reasonable and customary fees, while our actual fees are based on the fees of other dentists in the area. Percentages from your insurance are percentages of their “reasonable fees,” not our actual fees. If our office is in network with your insurance, any differences in fees may be written off.
  • Our job is to treat your unique dental needs regardless of insurance. We will work within the limitations of your personal finances, but we feel that it is not in your best interest to let insurance coverage be the deciding factor in determining which procedures we will or will not perform.
  • Our office files your dental claims to your insurance company as a courtesy and will do our best to know your coverage and benefits ahead of time. Please remember, however, that these are estimates and we have no control over the amount your insurance pays. If you are unhappy with your coverage or think your insurance made an error, call the insurance company directly. While we will do all we can to help you in these situations, the final resolution is ultimately between you and your insurance company.

To learn more about our insurance policies, please call the office of Dr. Rosales in Dallas today.