Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells applied to the front surface of the teeth; the part of the teeth that shows when you talk or smile. Dr. Rosales can typically place veneers in just two appointments at his Dallas office. During the first appointment, the teeth will be prepared and we will take impressions to send to the dental laboratory that will fabricate your veneers. Also during this appointment, a temporary restoration will be placed on the teeth for functional and aesthetic reasons.

Two to three weeks later, your final veneers will be complete and ready for placement. You’ll come back to our office and Dr. Rosales will remove the temporary restorations. Then the final veneers will be bonded into place. In most cases, veneers are created using either porcelain or pressed ceramic for the most beautiful and natural-looking results possible. If you are looking to enhance your smile, call our office today and learn if pain-free veneers and cosmetic dentistry are right for you!