Dental Crowns in Dallas, TX

Crowns completely cover a tooth that is weak or has too much damage to be restored with just a dental filling. Crowns are also commonly placed on teeth that have received root canal therapy or when a large/fractured filling wears out. The larger the hole created by decay, the more likely that a crown will provide the best restoration. Crowns, when in place, will provide additional strength and protection to the tooth to prevent any future cracks or breaks.

In just two appointments at the office of Dr. Rosales in Dallas, your tooth can be restored with a dental crown. During the first visit, Dr. Rosales will remove any present tooth decay and then shape the tooth to prepare for the crown. Then an accurate impression or mold of the tooth is created to help fabricate your custom crown. A temporary crown is then placed on the tooth. Between your visits, the crown is made at a dental laboratory. Your crown will be created using either high-strength porcelain over gold alloy, gold, or all-ceramic material.

During your second appointment at our office, we will remove the temporary restoration and place the finalized crown. Any necessary adjustments will be made and the crown will be cemented into place. When in place, your crown will be a beautiful addition to your smile. Please call our office today if you would like to learn more about crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry.